UMBC Cogito
Cognitive Information Technology Organization

Building systems that adapt, learn, reason, sense, and communicate.

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Labs and Groups


Our research explores the interactions between mobile, pervasive
computing, multi-agent systems and artificial intelligence, and e-services.


Multi-Agent Planning and LEarning

DIADIC Research Laboratory

Research in distributed and ubiquitous data mining, gene expression, genetic algorithms and evolutionary systems, intelligent agent based software systems, biological models of computation, and optimization.


The research mission of trhe Center for Architectures for Data-Driven Information Processing is to explore software agents, large scale information storage and retrieval, and visualization. We are developing distributed, scalable, agent-based information management systems.


The UMBC Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology (LAIT) is an interdiciplinary research group focused on advanced database and knowledge-based systems, intelligent agents, text and natural language processing, intelligent interfaces, information retrieval and hypertext systems, machine learning, and artificial life




Nov 2002